2. Examples of Union in Scripture

By the way,  Scripture is another way of saying “The Bible.”  This is not up for debate – it’s my blog and maybe the only place in life where I can make the rules! 🙂  Actually, this is God’s view of the word, so I’ll have to find another place to exert my view of something. 🙂

As shown in the last chapter, there are many examples of union in Scripture:


Let’s look at each one individually.  First, the Trinity:

A.  Union in the Trinity


As we know, the Trinity is God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  All fully God, one in essence/being, but distinct persons. For a full discussion, any Biblical Systematic Theology will fully cover this topic.   For our purposes, the following are examples of verses that clearly teach union, unity, oneness, etc.  between all three persons of the Godhead.


Possibly the greatest coverage of the subject of unity/oneness in the Godhead are in (1) John 14, and, (2) Christ’s High Priestly prayer of John 17.   I suggest you  read that section of John to be fully overwhelmed with the unity of the Godhead, the Trinity.

Going back to the concept of union, these passages teach that there is complete, 100%, oneness, unity, union between all three persons of the Godhead: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and they Holy Spirit.  Yet, each is still a distinct person in the Godhead.  Again, your favorite Systematic Theology text will cover this thoroughly.

Spoiler alert!  Jumping ahead to another chapter, we will see that this unity/oneness is shared with all Christians.  We are one with God.  Does that overwhelm you?  (No, that does not make us God!).

Since you’re probably not looking up these verses in your Bible as you should be, here they are to contemplate intently!




B.  The Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ


I’ll pick up here next time. 🙂



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